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  • Right Angle Prism

    Right Angle Prism may be used as a 90 degree reflector or 180 degree retroreflector. The prism deflect, deviate and rotate beams of light as well as dispersing their wavelengths. They usually used for beam deviation or as substrates for beamsplitters.

  • Corner Cube Prism

    Corner Cube Prism is always used to reflect the beam entering the prism face, regardless of its orientation to the beam. Corner cubes are widely used where precision alignment is difficult.

  • Roof Prism

    Roof Prism with high dimension control and apply to any Anti-reflecting coating. It may be used to revert and invert the image as well as bend the line of sight through a 90 degree angle.

  • Half Pentagonal Prism

    Half Pentagonal prism

  • Penta Prism

    For penta prism, the deviation angle of 90° is independent of the orientation of the prism, thus it is particularly important and wide in application which the prism orientation cannot be precisely controlled. We can supply high dimension and angle control penta prism. The coating or painting is designed by customer according to it is detailed application.

  • Dove Prism

    Dove Prism is a form of prism invented by H. W. Dove. It resembles half of a common right-angle prism in which a ray entering parallel to hypotenuse face is reflected internally at that face and emerges parallel to its incident direction. One of the incident rays emerges along a continuation of its incident direction, and if the prism is rotated about that ray through some angle, the image rotates through twice that angle. A Dove Prism must be used in parallel light.

  • Paul Prism

    Paul prism is a type of reflection prism which can be used to alter the orientation of an image. Light enters the large face of the prism, then hits on the roof, by total internal reflection twice from the roof, the beam exits again through the large face. An image traveling through a Porro prism is rotated by 180°but not inverted.

  • Rhombic Prism

    Rhombic Prism are used to display a beam laterally without changing it’s direction. They are coated to transmit part of the beam and produce two parallel and displaced emerging beams. Can be coated to produce a polarizing beam separator. Coating design are per customer’s design according it is detailed application.

  • Equilateral Prism

    Equilateral prism is one kind of dispersion prism. It has three equal 60deg angles and it can separate a beam of white light into its component colors. Equilateral prism is always used for wavelength separating applications and spectrum analysis.

  • Beamsplitter Penta Prism

    By adding a wedge, it can be used as Precision Penta Prism. It is often used in plumb level, surveying, alignment, range finding and optical tooling.

  • Wedge Prism

    Wedge Prism is an optical element having plane-inclined surface, usually the faces are inclined toward one another at very small angles. Wedge Prisms divert light toward their thicker portions.



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